Lake and biotope

Vahrner See June

In a small valley surrounded by trees and green lies the lake Vahrner See. It is a quiet and peaceful place, which will let you relax and revive whether you come as bather, backpacker or just to enjoy nature.
In winter you can ice-skate, walk through the winterly landscape or simply admire beautiful ice crystals in this small oasis of untouched nature.
Bathing not possible at the moment due to various work.

The northern part of the lake, which is about 1.5 ha wide and at most 3.5 meters deep, is a favoured possibility for bathers to refresh themselves. It is possible to bath from April/May until September/October with temeratures between 16 ans 23 degrees.

The southern part of the lake is overgrown with reed and since 1977 the area is under nature conservation (biotope). It is a habitat to reams of fish and other animals like frogs, dragonflies, birds an other rare species around in the woods.


2 swimmers in Lake Varna

The in 2010 - and the previously three years - conducted analysis of the water quality resulted in an "EXCELLENT".


Lake Varna in the summer
Camping Zwischenstop / sosta / stopover / tussenstop heimischer Graureiher


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